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Bye Bye 50% Off Lighter You Hypnosis Sessions

Imagine it's one year from today.... How good does it feel to be the LIGHTER YOU, permanently? This is just who you are now. You look in the mirror and smile because you like what you see. You don't get on the scale because the proof is that you are wearing smaller pants now. You get compliments on how good you look. You say thank you. You lay your head down on your pillow at night and think to yourself, I am proud of myself. You begin to notice that even the simplest things are easier as the lighter version of yourself. You don't deprive yourself. You can have whatever you want because you are the boss of you. You are pleasantly surprised to notice that you eat a healthy amount. You are pleasantly surprised to find yourself craving nourishing foods. You are pleasantly surprised to find yourself driving by instead of driving through. You don't have to resist temptation because overeating isn't tempting anymore. You know what to do. You do it. You really like who you

Black Friday Sale! 50% off Hypnosis Sessions

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7 Hypnotically Healthy Thoughts To Transform Your Body and Mind

  I’m thrilled to share something incredibly empowering with you today.  Your best thinking has gotten you to this moment!  Cheers, you are here and willing to upgrade your mindset around your healthy identity!   This concept goes beyond tired diets and exercise routines. We're delving into the fascinating world of hypnotically healthy weight affirmations — a unique approach to weight management that's kind and transformative.   Your subconscious mind can accept these affirmations if it decides they are good for you.  People beat themselves up sometimes because the subconscious believes that will help them get back on track.  Remember, your subconscious takes its responsibility to protect you very seriously.  Convincing or, at the very least, informing the subconscious that making a change is safe and beneficial is essential to permanent transformations. What if trying on a healthy identity can make what was difficult and make it easy? Try on these affirmations for size: 1.   M

Hypnosis Unveiled: Shattering the Myths and Embracing the Power of Influence!

Ever wondered about the misconceptions surrounding hypnosis? We've heard it all, from the idea that hypnosis is manipulative to claims that it's mind control. Today, I'm here to set the record straight and invite you into the world of real hypnosis. Understanding Hypnosis: More Than Just Words At its core, hypnosis is a unique form of communication. It's not about manipulation; it's about amplification. Think of it as an amplifier of experience, enhancing what's already there. From the joy of cheering for your favorite sports team to the focus during a long drive, hypnosis is a state we naturally enter multiple times per day. Hypnotic Language: Engaging Emotions, Creating Change Hypnotic language is our tool, not for manipulation, but for connection. By engaging emotions, we motivate individuals to take action and transform how they perceive the world. Think of it as the magic behind effective advertising – a way to connect deeply and influence positively. The T

Does virtual hypnosis really work?

  Are you skeptical about the effectiveness of virtual hypnosis sessions?   Do you find yourself wondering if in-person sessions are the only way to experience the benefits of hypnotherapy?  You're not alone in your curiosity, but I'm here to shed some light on this topic. The Mind is the Gateway to Hypnosis First and foremost, let's clarify a fundamental aspect of hypnosis – it happens in the mind.  The power of hypnosis lies in the ability to access and influence your subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.  It's not about touch or physical presence; it's about connecting with your inner self to create positive changes. The Virtual Advantage In-person sessions have been the traditional approach to hypnotherapy, but times are changing, and technology is offering exciting alternatives.  Virtual hypnosis sessions conducted via Zoom or other platforms have become increasingly popular, and for good reason. Comfort Imagine relaxing in your favorite chair or snugg

Do you want to know the secret of happy people?

Do you want to know the secret of happy people?  They are rich and famous with dashing good looks! Just kidding!  The real secret of happy people…. They speak differently!  Their words uplift and inspire them, positively impacting their thoughts, emotions, and, ultimately, their lives. When it comes to how we talk to ourselves, we don't always realize how much it can affect our happiness.  But the truth is the words we use can shape our thoughts, emotions, and experiences.  And happy people have this down - they speak differently, making them feel good. One of the most potent things happy people do is switch "I have to" to "I get to." Think about it - how many times have you said, "I have to go to work," "I have to cook dinner," or "I have to exercise?"  Using "have to" can make us feel obligated and burdened.  But when we say "I get to," it reminds us of our privilege and opportunity.  "I get to go to work&

The Surprising Similarities Between ChatGPT and Your Subconscious Mind: How Both Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

As someone who strives for self-development, you understand the importance of asking good questions and focusing on positive outcomes.  If you're not familiar with ChatGPT, it's a language model developed by OpenAI that provides specific results based on the questions you ask it. And as I've explored in episode 105 of the Get Well With Me podcast, it's surprisingly similar to the subconscious mind in the way it processes information and provides us with answers and solutions based on our programming. So why is this important for self-development? Well, just like how we can program ChatGPT to provide us with specific results, we can also program our subconscious mind to provide us with specific results by asking it the right questions. By focusing on positive outcomes and asking good questions that challenge our limiting beliefs, we can reprogram our subconscious mind to help us achieve our goals and live our best lives. But how do we do this? One tool that can help us t