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Adrianne's Favorites from Amazon

Everyone asks me about my blender so I am putting it at the top of the list.  I feel like the word blender doesn't really cover the power of a Vitamix.  It's my best friend in the kitchen.  Most importantly it helps me make enough smoothies for three people all at once.  The pre-digested raw plant-based nutrients will propel your health to levels you never dreamed of.  When I send my husband out the door with a couple mason jars of smoothie madness I tell him he will be feeling so good after he drinks them that might start to levitate. I'm dramatic I know, but when you experience the energy that you never knew was available, you'll also feel like you are floating.  When you get your first high from beet juice and pineapple you'll wonder how you could have been missing out.  A healthy addiction will be born.  If you already feel that way about your smoothies and you are using a regular blender, consider the investment.  Mine has a 7.5-year warranty so I'm having a good time trying to see if I can blow it up in that time frame.   You can put ANYTHING inside there will not be any chunks.  Watch a few youtube videos and you'll find out you can even make soup, hummus, and ice cream.  Homemade hummus is no big deal in the Vitamix.  Your health is a big deal so you don't have to rationalize the purchase.  This machine gives more than it takes.

When I need a boost of concentration, I have these "energy vitamins" on hand.  It's a synergistic blend with no jitters. 

If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep or struggle with anxiety, Naural Calm is an inexpensive, safe, and healthy solution.  Magnesium will help.  This is a super absorbable form of magnesium.  Just mix a teaspoon with water, and it dissolves instantly leaving you with a clear glass of water.  The lemon raspberry flavor is refreshing and this drink will help to calm anxiety and your nervous system in general.  When I've felt like my nerves are shot, some natural calm is my go-to.

This is typically the first thing that goes into my body when I wake up, mixed with water of course.  I spin it around in my blender and pour it into a mason jar for my husband to drink when he gets to work, every day.  This is every morning, everyday essential and that's why it's at the top of my list.  I purchase the largest size to keep my cost per serving as low as possible.  Just a heads up, this is a greens powder.  Read the label.  It's truly amazing, just like says on the package.  I really like the watermelon version too.  If I go for the straight greens, then I add a splash of pineapple juice to give it more drinkability.

My son Isaac is a little pickier.  He likes what we call Vanilla/Vanilla every morning.  This ensures he also gets important plant-based micronutrients.  It also makes me feel good knowing that he started his day with something that will take him to lunchtime.  One scoop is 20 grams of plant-based protein and the ingredients are stellar.  The first time I purchased this I stood the health food store for over an hour reading every label until I found something healthy, safe, and nutritious enough for my boy.  We call it Vanilla/Vanilla because he typically doesn't want me to add anything except Vanilla Almond milk.  I do try to cut that with a bit of water and he really enjoys a shake or two of organic nutmeg to accent the vanilla essence.

Add the antioxidant power of the cacao to heal your insides.  It will give your mind a boost too!   Turn that chocolate protein shake into a double chocolate delight.

Hemp is a complete plant-based protein source and my favorite for helping my family meet our daily protein requirements.  It's too easy.  I add it to Isaac's sandwich for lunch and his smoothie in the morning.  Sometimes I crumble up some french fried onions with a few servings of hemp heart and sprinkle it on a homemade pizza.  It's a fun "pretend cheese."  Cheese is only healthy when you pretend, hahaha.  If you find yourself hungry within an hour or two after eating, you are likely missing an adequate amount of protein.  Problem solved, add a few spoonfuls of hemp hearts. You'll also benefit from the higher levels of magnesium and even grab just the right amount of healthy fat.

Chia seeds are my smoothie booster.  When I want to add some fiber and protein, one small scoop of chia seeds is the answer.  Sometimes I'll do chia pudding, they can work as an egg replacer, but most days you'll find them my smoothie.

This is my pre-workout drink.  Beets help to oxygenate your blood and you can feel it!  I like to mix it with a little bit of lime. It's also delicious with a splash of pineapple juice.

I don't get enough sun and most of us don't, especially not through the winter.  Vitamin D plays an essential role in almost every system in the body and is essential to protect your body from cancer.  I like this brand because the delivery system is olive oil.  It's a clear, tiny, oil-filled capsule so it never irritates my stomach.  No one leaves the house in the morning without their 5,000 IU's of Vitamin D. This bottle is a year supply for one person so it's an incredible deal with an impressive return on investment for your health.

When you are looking to reduce drastically reduce cardiac risk, increase cognitive function, and decrease overall inflammation, a high-quality Omega 3 is indispensable.  The ratios have to be just right and you are looking for third-party tested and molecularly distilled.  I find this particular brand meets all the criteria.  Because it's molecularly distilled, it completely eliminates any fishy taste.  When we are running low, I know I can have this delivered in two days.

This is my all day everyday tea.  It helped me take off a stubborn five pounds and put the pep back in my step.  It's currently my all-time favorite tea.  I love matcha.  I love green tea.  I love that it's so anti-cancer.  I love how it makes me feel.  This specific formula feels like a fancy latte.  It has a smoothness that I've never experienced with tea before.  I am all about making big batches of green-tea in bulk with cheaper organic tea bags, but when you want something special and cozy just for you, have the Lean Green it in your favorite mug with a splash of your favorite nut milk.  If you need a refreshing boost, serve over ice.

Greentea and blueberries, a magic combination for making our bodies inhospitable to cancer! Santa put this in my son's stocking last Christmas.   Santa has been big on stuffing his stocking with healthy items and self-care products instead of candy for the last couple of years.  Go Santa!

I used to be a huge fan of Splenda until I developed a huge cyst on my wrist.  It disappeared over time but something told me that it wasn't natural and it wasn't good to consume so much of.  I have all the time.  As far as switching to a natural sugar-free sweetener, Stevia is the only one I know of that is actually good for.  Every time I tried Stevia I couldn't get over the after taste but after learning about the anti-cancer research and the powerful sweetening effects of this impressive plant I began to try a new variation.  I tried the liquid drops and the packets.  Eventually, I came across the Trader Joes Brand.  My very picky and diabetic father-in-law would drink the green tea I made if I used this sweetener.  It's pure and it's powerful.  One little shaker lasts me all yea.  There is a teeny tiny little spoon inside the shaker bottle and that's all it takes to sweeten whatever beverage you are working with.  It has a very clean taste.  After all my experimenting, this is the one.

Sometimes I make up a few batches of garbanzo beans in the crockpot, but nothing easier than opening the can.   I have these organic garbanzo beans on regular delivery with my Amazon Prime Pantry order.  Chick-pea salad has endless possibilities and always leaves me feeling full.

Seasonings without chemicals are the only seasonings worthy of my dollar.  Tacos are a big deal, especially when you're mostly plant-based!

Taco night?  Often, I'll just season some black beans but if I'm in the mood for something special, NEAT does the trick in place of ground beef.

Everything bagel seasoning is not a health-food but it certainly isn't harmful.  I can't get enough of that flavor combination.  I sprinkle it on salads, add it to my oatmeal, and avocado toast!

Yum, I put it on everything, especially my wild toast creations!  It's also wonderful for flexitarian moments like a fried egg sandwich.

Pure Maple Syrup is my top choice for a healthy sweetener.  Maple Syrup has all that magic of the sunshine and rain.  It's got a synergistic balance of minerals and a potent sweetness.  If you want a little something special to sweeten up your coffee, tea, or even your vegetable stir fry, this is the way to go.  It's definitely a staple in my house.

If you are getting away from fluoride but you want a very "normal" toothpaste, this is the one.  The peppermint is best.

We use these exact containers to pack lunches on a daily basis.  I like that I can freeze them and reuse them 1,000 times without plastic leaching into my food.

This is my baby.  My Vitamix is my best friend in the kitchen.  It's a smoothie machine!

This thing is a beast for a low priced blender.  If you're blender turns everything and anything to liquid, you are good to go.  If your smoothies are a bit chunky your family may be a bit more resistant to drinking up all the nutrient-dense goodness.  You should be able to blend hemp heart, oats, dates, raisins, nuts, etc into a smooth creamy blend.  If you aren't in love with your blender, the bullet is the way.  Go with the larger size and you won't regret it.  I have the mini one at work, also works like a charm but much smaller servings.

Sinus infections are a thing of the past.  This natural remedy works on the inflammation and clears the way to be able to breathe again.  Oregano oil has long been used as a natural antibiotic, so if there is something going on, this usually does the trick.  I keep one in the shower and one in my purse.


I am only listing books that I own, have read, and personally recommend.

I have bought this book three times.  I keep giving it away because I truly believe it can help anyone get their health and vitality back.  The Author Dr. Stephen Cabral has impacted my mind, causing me to understand we can all get well.  He teaches the way to "empty your rain barrel," before it overflows with dis-ease.



Upon learning about the lead and other dangerous substances in lip products I decided to go all-natural.  For over a year, the Badger Lip Tints are my only lipstick!  Low maintenance beauty describes my new current style.  The color is there, who needs heavy metals and chemicals?

It feels so good to get home from work and know dinner is ready!  I can't handle complicated meals with too many ingredients. This book is brilliant and basic.

The Super Easy Vegan Slow Cooker Cookbook
By: Toni Okamoto