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Ep. 50 Exploring the work of Dr. John Sarno Part 3

 This episode is inspired by the work of Dr. John E. Sarno.  Part 3

Takeaways from this episode:  
  • The cause and the cure for a psychosomatic disorder reside in the mind.
  • What is the "child primitive?"
    • A part of our minds that has no interest in growing up.
  • Denial of the syndrome is part of the syndrome. (TMS)
  • No one is exempt from embarrassment, inadequacy, rejection, fear, shame, and rage.  
  • Emotional pain generated in childhood can stay with us all our life because there is no sense of time in the unconscious.
  • Personality traits that are commonly associated with Psychosomatic disorders:
    • You are your own worst critic
    • You want people to like you
    • Strong need to please others
    • Sensitive to criticism
    • Pressure to be a good person
    • Pressure to be perfect
    • Pressure on yourself to be successful
    • Worrying about family friends

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