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Have you tried everything, only to end back up right where you started?  It's because you have default programming, that eventually kicks back in when your willpower wears out. Permanent results begin with updating your default settings. This is where your Personalized Hypnotic-Meditation comes in.

What does the process look like?

Step 1: Intake Call: We explore the areas where you are feeling stuck. You help me understand what you see as your biggest obstacles and we identify some of the thought processes that are working against you, so they can be upgraded in your custom wellness-meditation.

Step 2: Meditation Design and Recording: You receive your personalized meditation recording, designed to include your name in specifically formulated affirmations and tailored to help you visualize the optimal life you are aiming for. This is how we overwrite the default thinking that has been holding you back.

Step 3: Listen: It is a pleasurable and effortless experience to meditate in this way. You simply press play on your phone and your conscious mind will relax, while I speak directly to your inner mind. This is where rapid change happens. You invest in yourself daily for the next 21 days by listening to your personalized audio recording before sleeping each night or at another convenient time that works for you.

Step 4: Results! They are showing up all over the place. You feel better, more energized, and confident. You see the most vibrant, healthy, youthful version of yourself step forward with crystal clear clarity.

Confession: I waited two decades to reach out to a professional that would provide me with the tools I needed to transform my mind and my life. The hardest part was sending an email and asking for the session. I wanted to believe I could get unstuck on my own. My only regret is not reaching out sooner.

If you are so over it, so tired of the same old thing. Start right now. Take the path of least resistance. This is it. Get your mind on your side, and get out of your own way before any more time is lost.

P.S. I know you are wondering about price. First, just know you are worth it. Second, know that I dedicate 100% to formulating your wellness-meditation. I am so confident you'll love your audio recording and your transformation that I give you the peace of mind guarantee, 30-day money-back, no questions asked.

$399 includes the intro call, personalized wellness-meditation audio, and follow up call. You will be sent a link for payment after we complete our intro call.

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