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Sleep Hypnosis Session

This episode is designed for listening to every night or as needed.

Are you overdue for a good night's sleep? Do you sometimes feel anxious about sleep eluding you when you need it most?

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to go to sleep effortlessly and wake up happily in the morning? Would you like to experience an irresistible and almost intoxicating hypnotic trance that leads you into a good night's sleep? This hypnosis session is for you!

Warning: This recording produces an eyes-closed state of hypnosis and should not be used while driving or doing anything that requires your full attention. ► Shop hypnosis downloads from our sponsor. ► SUBSCRIBE Youtube: Amazon Music: Apple Podcast: Spotify: ► SOCIAL Facebook: Instagram: ► WEBSITE Website: To submit requests for the Get Well With Me Podcast:

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