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7 Hypnotically Healthy Thoughts To Transform Your Body and Mind


I’m thrilled to share something incredibly empowering with you today.  Your best thinking has gotten you to this moment!  Cheers, you are here and willing to upgrade your mindset around your healthy identity!  

This concept goes beyond tired diets and exercise routines. We're delving into the fascinating world of hypnotically healthy weight affirmations — a unique approach to weight management that's kind and transformative.  

Your subconscious mind can accept these affirmations if it decides they are good for you.  People beat themselves up sometimes because the subconscious believes that will help them get back on track.  Remember, your subconscious takes its responsibility to protect you very seriously.  Convincing or, at the very least, informing the subconscious that making a change is safe and beneficial is essential to permanent transformations.

What if trying on a healthy identity can make what was difficult and make it easy?

Try on these affirmations for size:

1.  My body is always on my side.

Understanding the wisdom of your own body is the first step to a healthier you. By acknowledging that our body is always doing its best, we create a nurturing environment for change.

2.  I Eat Real Food.

Ditching processed foods in favor of whole, nourishing options has been endorsed by nutrition experts worldwide.  Remember, every bite you take can be a step toward your well-being.

3.  I prioritize hydration.

Water is the essence of life, and prioritizing hydration aids digestion, metabolism, and overall vitality.

4.  I Stop Eating After Dinner.

Leading sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus advocates for mindful eating and its connection to sleep quality. By respecting your body’s natural circadian rhythm and avoiding late-night meals, you enhance both your digestion and your sleep, ensuring a rejuvenated morning.

5.  I Burn Fat While I Sleep.

The science behind sleep and weight management is compelling. Dr. Matthew Walker’s research demonstrates how deep sleep triggers the release of growth hormones, promoting fat breakdown and muscle repair. Prioritizing quality sleep becomes an essential aspect of your weight wellness journey.

6.  Excellence, not perfection, embracing healthy choices most of the time is good enough.

Psychologist Dr. Carol Dweck’s work on the growth mindset highlights the significance of progress over perfection. Embrace the 80/20 rule, allowing yourself occasional treats without guilt. Remember, consistency trumps perfection in building sustainable habits.

7.  Moving my body makes me feel good.

Exercise isn’t just about physical fitness; it profoundly impacts mental health too. Wouldn't it be something if you found yourself looking for ways to move that body?  Maybe you feel good about carrying those heavy bags of healthy groceries.  Maybe you see a set of steps next to the escalator, and you welcome the climb as you feel proud of yourself, happily huffing up those steps. 

Now, here’s the exciting part. Imagine infusing these affirmations into your subconscious, effortlessly guiding your choices toward a healthier, happier you.  How, you ask? By engaging with the Get Well With Me Podcast, where you can program your mind for these affirmations to become your natural way of living.

It's not hard to do the things we WANT to do.  What if being healthy is something we want to do?  Could it be easy?  What if we let it be easy? 

Tune in to the Get Well With Me Podcast and immerse yourself in a world of transformative hypnosis sessions. As you listen, let these affirmations settle into the core of your being. Embrace your journey, trust your body, and watch as your life transforms.

If you aren't normally someone who listens to podcasts, you can watch your favorite episodes on YouTube.  


Here’s to a lighter, brighter you!

With warmest regards,

Adrianne Hart