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Welcome to episode 84 of the get well

with Me podcast, I am your host, Adrianne

and together, we explore the healing

powers of our subconscious minds while

leaning in towards a healthier lifestyle

and today, I want to share with you a

a little bit about Wellness Wednesday what

it is, and what's all the hype about so

Wellness Wednesday is a group that I

started back in the summer time I think

we're at like 20-some weeks of Wellness

Wednesdays and the purpose of Wellness

Wednesday is to get together as a group

on zoom and to share a beautiful

hypnotic experience, we do rotate the

topics so you can be sure that if you

become a wellness Wednesday member that

you'll have the opportunity to

experience hypnosis to be your lightest

self to Crave your favorite healthy

foods, you can be sure that you'll be

increasing your self-control that you'll

be carrying a lot less what people think

of you that you'll be sleeping better at

night because no matter what the topic

is we are always dissolving and anxiety

we are always installing healthy

seeds into the fertile soil of our minds

so that they can continue to grow I

don't believe that having a great life

that being happy and being healthy that

they have to be hard when you convince

your subconscious mind that that's what

you really want, you might just find

yourself automatically doing the things

that make you your happiest and

the healthiest and best self, that's what

Wellness Wednesday is about. Imagine if

every Wednesday

you installed those healthy programs and

then those healthy programs just began

to run on their own and all the while

having fun in a group setting

um something that is important for me to

express to you about Wellness Wednesday

is I don't put anyone on the spot I

don't require anyone to participate to

answer questions, but I do provide an

opportunity for that, so we have a little

bit of fun, we do some Icebreaker things

however, if you decide that you want to

keep your camera off during the zoom

session and your mute button off; that's

okay, if you want to participate only by

inputting your input into the chat box

that's okay if you want to simply just

listen along and watch; that's okay. If

you want to fully immerse yourself in

the experience and come with your

headphones and your blindfold and your

comfy chair and your blanket that's okay.

If you want to zoom in from your office

at work that's okay.  If you  want to

zoom in from the comfort of your

recliner or your bed at home, that's okay.

That's the beauty of Wellness Wednesday

you don't have to go anywhere. You don't

have to do anything, you simply just make

it a priority on your calendar and just

kind of block out one hour per week to

be part of a group where everyone there

on the zoom call, they're all on a

self-development journey they're not a

person that has a fixed mindset.  They're

not a person that believes that you

can't teach an old dog new tricks they

are people of all different backgrounds

and ages who want to be better and who want

to naturally be healthier who want to

learn techniques for self-hypnosis so

they can program their own minds and

what might a session look like. I

have a template, so to speak, that I use

with all of my sessions.  We get together

on the zoom, I greet everyone we start

with a definition of hypnosis and as you

may have heard me say before on the get

well with Me podcast if you had a

hundred different hypnotists in the room

we'd all have our own definition so I

bring you a definition from different

sources different authors

each week so that it can expand our mind

as to what hypnosis is and it is an

elusive thing right I sometimes describe

it as it's a process sometimes I

describe it as a state of mind there's

all different ways to understand

hypnosis but the most important thing to

understand is that you can't do it wrong

right if you're set adding an intention

to be better right to have a positive

outcome than

there's no way to do it wrong I think

the only wrong way to do hypnosis is to

use it for purposes that aren't healthy

or helpful but I maintain the role of a

professional clinical hypnotist and my

intention is to help to empower people

to understand the power of their

subconscious mind and teach them

practical ways to use their subconscious


so that they can have the very best life

that is available to them and often

people feel that hypnosis is mind

control and actually I think that's the

attraction for a lot of people they say

I just my thoughts that I'm thinking

aren't working for me you know put

something else in there tell me you know

some people do better being told what to

do and having a little bit more

structure and I think that sometimes

with hypnosis that's what someone wants

they're like they you know schedule a

meeting with me for a one-to-one and

they want me to fix them and they

quickly find out that not only do I not

have the power or ability to fix anyone

but that the person who does have the

power and the ability to make things

right that's the client so if you're

listening to this right now and you want

someone to fix you

I have to be really honest with you

because that's who I am

only you can fix you but the good news

is this you do have the resources inside

if I'm just going to use a healthy

weight as an example

if you desire to be your healthy weight

then what the role of a hypnotist is to

that didn't come out right the role of a

clinical hypnotist or a hypnotherapist

is to help you access the resources that

are inside of you so if you have

something that is blocking you like some

limiting beliefs or perhaps some

traumatic experiences that keep coming

up for you and preventing you from

making those healthy choices and living

out your Healthy routine that's

something that hypnosis can help with if

the reason that you say that you're

going to start Monday but then you don't

really start Monday or you only make it

halfway through the day on your new

health plan

that might be because deep down that you

don't believe that the results are

available to you so when the issue is

upgrading or updating a belief that's

what hypnosis can help with when a

person is not clear on where they want

to go for instance they get into their

car and they kind of have a general idea

that okay maybe they need to drive in a

South Direction then that is helpful in

getting them moving in that direction

but if they don't have really plugged

into their GPS that exact address of

where they're going they might not make

it to their destination or they might

not make it to their destination in the

shortest most efficient time so hypnosis

could be seen as taking the time to get

really clear on what that outcome is so

that as your unconscious mind is

navigating you towards that destination

that not only does it know exactly where

it's going to end up but it knows the

shortest and most efficient route to get

there so getting back onto

the healthy weight hypnosis

hypnosis can help a person by clarifying

exactly what it looks like to be in

their lightest healthiest body hypnosis

can help to gain Clarity on what are the

most effective things that will get the

person there in the quickest easiest

Manner and I do believe that changes can

be easy I know that that is contrary to

a lot of what you hear online that like

you have to do the work you have to do

the work a lot of times the work is

thinking the right thoughts and if

listening to a hypnosis audio helps you

to listen to the right thoughts that's

not hard if you wake up in the morning

not just knowing what you're supposed to

do but you've convinced your

subconscious mind that that's what you

want to do it makes it increasingly easy

I like to coast in life I like to do

well enough that I don't have to work

that hard right and I don't mean just

like at my career I mean in all areas

you can kind of get things on a routine

to doesn't have to feel hard it can feel

normal if you can habitually think

healthy thoughts then you can habitually

be a healthy person and this can be

applied to any area of your life

so that was just like a huge tangent

about hypnosis Getting Back to Wellness

Wednesday imagine with all of these

healthy updates going into your mind and

having it be this anchor of your week I

feel like Wednesday is the perfect day

for a refresh for an unplug for a

restart because a lot of times by the

time we get to Wednesday we're like ah

am I gonna make it through the rest of

the week and wellness Wednesday if your

schedule allows you to carve out this

one hour then you will be refreshed and

it will kind of be like when you wake up

in the morning and you know it's a brand

new day and you've kind of like shaken

off all the yuck from the day before

hypnosis is like that when you come out

of a hypnosis session you have the

opportunity to be reset because

essentially like you were kind of

sleeping we know hypnosis is not sleep

but it is a sleep-like state and it has

a lot of the same advantages of

refreshing and revitalizing your your

mind and your body because when we come

from a state of rest from relaxation we

do feel refreshed and I feel like

Wednesday at 1 pm eastern time it is

smack dab in the middle of everything

and the perfect time to refresh and



um I have this little commercial it's

probably obsolete because of all the

things that I've just said but I want to

read you this commercial because I I

wrote it out as a summary of exactly

what I would want someone to know about

Wellness Wednesday and I'm inviting you

yes you maybe you're someone who's

watching this and you know me in my real

life maybe you've worked with me in the

past maybe you've been secretly

listening I have a lot of secret

listeners, and I am flattered that you're

listening, and I also respect you for

that because I understand that not

everyone wants the world to know that

they're engaging in hypnosis not because

it's bad, but because it's misunderstood

and I was in that place for a very long

time and I completely understand

that's also one of the reasons that

you'll never see me tag Wellness

Wednesday members on social media you

won't see me call out or shout out to

anyone, and the replaythat you

receive a copy of after the session, are

in audio form because I do believe in

respecting the privacy of my clients and

not just in a one-to-one setting, but in

a group setting as well.  So I'm going to

go ahead and read you this commercial, and I

hope that

all of this that I've said makes you

feel a little bit more at ease for

joining Wellness Wednesday. And I just

want you to know you whoever is watching

or listening to this, that if you

are a person that I have not had a

conversation with before, maybe you've

never even liked my Facebook posts, maybe

you haven't subscribed to my podcast or

left a comment yet.

At this point maybe I am not

aware of your existence.  I want you to

know how much every every listen to the

podcast means to me, every member means

to me, but when you sign up for Wellness

Wednesday, I will be so happy to have a

new member.  Each new member is so special

to me so if I happen to recognize the

the name I will be delighted and over the

moon to know that you got this message,

that I am sharing right now, and that you

really listened and responded, and you

signed up, and you got your free trial. I

love that!

and um

so no matter where you're coming from no

matter what your time zone is if you can

make it work for you on 1pm Eastern time

then please join us and just pop in on

the free trial or you can cancel it's no

big deal that's what it's there for I

don't expect like my expectation is not

that someone is going to join Wellness

Wednesday and stay forever and ever I

understand that life changes and that

it's fluid and it moves and you might be

in a season of your life where you have

this extra time you might be in a season

of your life where maybe you are busy on

Wednesdays but you're the boss and you

can block that that block off on your

calendar and close your office door so

um I just want you to know I'm flexible

and that my expectations for my members

are are also flexible I won't give you

homework I won't tell you what to do

I'll never tell you what to eat or what

to drink or any of that because you

already know what's healthy for you you

inside your own subconscious mind

you've already had successes in your

life that you can build from you've had

failures in your life that you never

want to repeat

I can't you know I don't have the secret

sauce but I do have are

hypnotic suggestions that can go

directly into your subconscious mind

that can cause you to see yourself as

that energetic person to see yourself as

that whole and healed person that you

can see yourself at your lighter or

healthier optimal weight that you can

reduce the anxiety that you can have

the tools to dissolve it that you can be

in the driver's seat of your life that's

what Wellness Wednesday is about so

thank you for listening to me just kind

of pour all that out off the cuff.  

I'm going to for real now, go ahead, and read

this little commercial that I have

written up.  So have you sometimes been curious about

what it would be like to experience

hypnosis and learn more about how you

can upgrade your habits and your mindset

and your health, even your happiness? I

have the perfect solution for you.

Wellness Wednesdays it's my group

hypnosis membership program and it's

over Zoom.  It's so easy to be part of

this amazing experience every Wednesday

at 1pm Eastern Time.

We dissolve anxiety.  We reduce stress.  We

go on a new and unique hypnotic

experience visiting different areas of

our health and wellness with

the intention that we've set aside this one

hour a week for self-improvement on the

inside, where changes are really made.  So

if that sounds interesting to you I

challenge you to click the link and

learn more, and you'll be pleased to see

that the first month is totally free, and

that you can stop and start your

membership as you wish.  It's designed to

be no commitment, no accountability, and

you can pop in. You can pop out, whatever

is working with your schedule. The nice

thing  about

hypnosis over Zoom is that you can zoom

in from your home or your office, your

car as long as you're not driving your

a favorite comfy chair, and you can know

that you are in a safe and comfortable

environment, so I invite you to join us

this Wednesday at 1 pm Eastern Time.

Click the link to get more information

and I look forward to seeing you there.

so since you're still with me and you

watched all the way to the end, I'm going

to actually go ahead and show you how…

I'm going to attempt to share my screen

with you

and I'm going to do that now how do I do it.

If you can see here if you go to

adriannehart.com, hopefully, you can see

that adriannehart.com.

There are some recent posts or whatever

but you don't have to look at those, just

go over to the menu bar if you're doing

this from your cell phone it's just like

that those like three little lines on

the right-hand side.

You'll see Wellness Wednesday

book a session shop our sponsor video

and podcast, so if you're looking for

more information on Wellness Wednesday

you would click on Wellness Wednesday

There's a little video here for me

um, and it's not necessary to watch if

you've watched this one

so here it is, Wellness Wednesday boom

boom boom. I'm so glad you're here and

you'll just scroll down, and you'll see

the different times that 1 pm eastern

time that's the same as 10 a.m Pacific

11 A.M central 6 p.m UK and I know I

have a lot of listeners in New Zealand I

think it's the middle of the night over

there for you guys so I'm sorry but if

you're up feel free to pop in and you

would just click here and choose how you

want to pay you could do monthly

um, or it'll give you an option for six

months but

either way you get a free trial for

one month and you just simply add it to

your cart, and boom, that's it.

You don't have to provide any

information besides your email, your zip

code, and then you can pay with your

credit card or whatever's on file.

There will be no payment until after

your first month, and you can cancel

anytime.  So that's really about as simple

as I can possibly make it nothing fancy

you'll immediately get an email and that

email will

provide you with the zoom link so that

you can zoom in on Wednesday, and it'll

also have the calendar link so that you

can save that on your calendar and be

reminded, and of course, you'll get weekly

updates for me letting you know what

each new weekly session is about.  When the

session is complete, you'll receive an

email with an edited version that you can…

like let's say it's your favorite

session, and you want to listen to it all

the time and program your mind. 

You'll be

able to do that, or let's say that you

miss a session because something came up,

then you'll be able to

enjoy it later that day.  So I hope that

this was really helpful and

comprehensive in sharing with you my

sincere desire to have you join us for

the Wellness Wednesday and a better idea

of what that might look like and how to

do it, so mission accomplished, and until

next time, much love!

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